Our initial idea, strongly inspired by Ursus Wehrli, was to propose a tool to sort a website according to certain criteria. Since newspapers websites are constantly updated and contain a wide range of information, we made them our playground.

The New York Times is historically a newspaper advocating rigor and readability as well as quality content. For example, it was the first to removed all advertisements from its content, in its printed version. The experience trough out this extension is to give a new perception of the newspaper.

Texts and images are not sorted according to the current articles' hierarchy. They are treated as raw contents, displayed in columns, such as in the newspapers of yesteryear.If you press the "tidy up" button, headlines, paragraphs, tags or photos will be sorted by sizes and placed back in their designated column. We add a category counter to givie you further information on what has been sorted under your eyes.

Since the news are constantly updated, the view of the extension changes every day and at each refresh. While this content may at first appears without much informative interest, it reveals itself being useful. Are you a headline reader, who prefer to fly over information rather than expand them ? Do you have a photographic memory ? In a few seconds, you can read your favorite type of content.

First ideas based on the tidying up of the Times website.

Visual mock-ups on tidy tests as well as a colored mouse tracking insertion.

Visual mock-ups on tidy tests including a content counter. It shows for example how many paragraphs the main page contains.

Screenshots of the first versions. The experiment to stack the smallest content to the largest content was the first idea before moving to a columnar arrangement as in the final version, reminding of newspaper columns.

Map data structure