Twisting computer and graphic design codes
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Twisting computer and graphic design codes

from 16th to 25th of September 2020

During the workshop, first years students from the MA in Media Design have been taught basics in creative coding with the Glitch collaborative programming environment. After some experiments in the spirit of early computer graphics and conceptual art they could come to grips with more complex web technology (HTML, Javascript, DOM) in order to design their own web extension. Five of such have been produced by hacking the graphical user interface as well as data and communication processes running on newspapers pages, corporate websites or social networks.

Software can be downoloaded and tested on Chrome or Firefox browsers :

  • Covoid-19 by Leyla Baghirli, Tiki Bordin and Chloé Michel
  • NYT Break in News by Lison Christe, Maylis D’Haultfoeuille and Beatrice Gorelli
  • Privatia by Alejandra Oros Barriga, Thibaud Goiffon and Manon Waneukem
  • Web Requests by Paul Bellon-Serre and Maxime Magnin
  • App-earance by Simone Di Mauro and Alexandre Moura Ferreira

Lecturers: Laurent Malys, Daniel Sciboz
Teaching Assistant: Nicolas Baldran